JAMMING by Rimantas Pleikys

p. 62


On 27 March 1990 at 1:30 a.m. local time the American TV Marti started broadcasting into Cuba from the U.S. air balloon Fat Albert (part of the US southern border surveillance system) floating over Cudjoe Key, South of Florida. Cubans had installed many small jamming transmitters beforehand that effectively "erased" the first TV Marti programs. However, the jamming was inadequate in the country side. To extend the jamming range, Castro's engineers and pilots equipped several Russian made Mi-17 helicopters (See picture below) with jamming equipment. The Cubans got so exited that they even started jamming Radio Marti's services from VOA transmitters in Greenville, NC, and Bethany, OH. Radio Marti previous to this had not been jammed by Cubans for 5 years.

Cuba's answer to TV Marti's "Fat Albert": Mi-17 (Mi-8?) helicopter equipped with TV antenna and transmitter.

(Source: TV Marti)


"FAT ALBERT", the aerostat used to transmit TV Marti to Cuba (TCOM's Low Altitude Surveillance System aerostat with Westinghouse TPS-63 radar).