JAMMING by Rimantas Pleikys

p. 128


Early in December of 1988, 10 days having passed since the Soviet Union ceased jamming radio broadcasts, Soviet leader Mikhail "Gorby" Gorbachev, speaking at the United Nations in New York, made a historic statement: "in the context of the Helsinki process we are looking into the possibility of calling a halt to all jamming of foreign radio broadcasts aimed at the Soviet Union". M. Gorbachev said big lies and did it frequently. He did not let us down even on this occasion. Jamming (and not without the knowledge of the General Secretary) had been ended 10 days previously, yet the leader of the Soviet Union still spoke about the possibility of "calling a halt to all jamming". I would like to draw the readers' attention: Gorbachev did not say that the USSR will stop jamming foreign radio. No. There is some sort of interference and the Soviets love the West, they are implementing "perestroika" and "glasnost" and therefore the Soviets will grant a wish: they will take away some existing jamming. The "Polish Polka" transmitters and tape decks for almost 18(?) years strangled the flow of free words: from 18 March 1971 to 29 November 1988(?).